Study ZIMSEC on our App using your phone,tablet or computer. Primary and Secondary subjects offered.

Extraclass Online offers affordable premium Zimsec lessons. You can study in the comfort of your home and using your phone, tablet or computer that have internet access. We offer primary lessons from Grade 3 to Grade 7. 5 subjects offered at primary level, Mathematics, English, Shona, Ndebele and GP. 9 secondary level subjects offered and student will have to choose the subjects they want to study.

How much you pay for your Zimsec Lessons?

Our fees are affordable. We are looking at helping as many as we can. You pay monthly per bundle of subjects. We accept US$, ZAR and ZWL$. We display our fees in ZAR for your convenience. Your fees are valid for 30 days. We will send you an update 10 days before your fees become due for payment. Please pay before these 10 days to avoid possible admin fees being levied. Should you wish to pay in other two accepted currencies, please contact the admin via Email or WhatsApp or Call +27 71 026 1453 and request alternative payment method instructions. Our lessons are trully affordable premium Zimsec lessons

How To Get started.

You must be registered first in order for you to study with us. Registration is free, you just need your working email address only. Register your account HERE.

After registration please visit THIS PAGE to choose your Zimsec subjects or click on the subjects displayed below. At checkout you will get your invoice. All payment must reflect your NAME and Surname or INVOICE Number as your reference.

Soon after checking out, please visit THIS PAGE to download our Learning APP. This app will be your learning place. All lessons are done using the App or the Learning portal available HERE. To find the Extraclass Online on the App simply enter this URL… Your App/portal log in details will be given to you by site Admin once your order is processed.

When you receive your login details, please login on the App or learning portal and your subjects will be on the Dashboard. You simply click on Start learning and the app will take you through your studying smoothly. Please do not share your login details with anyone to avoid automatic account suspension. If this happen, contact admin for help.

How you will study?

All Zimsec lessons takes place on the App or this learning portal. Daily you must login and follow through your studying programme. Our tutors will set reading material, exercises and revision exercises or mock exams. Your duty is to follow the study material all the time.

Some exercises are assessed online and in real time. Some are submitted for our tutors to asses them. All have tie frame within which you just finish them.

If you need help from the tutors, you can send them a message on the App, We encourage you to participate in discussions that are set up by tutors when necessary. You can also ask them to create discussion forums at any time.