Extraclass Online is a smart learning company offering online lessons for primary and high school students. We use our mobile app for online lessons. ZIMSEC, CAPS, CAMBRIDGE and UNISA Lessons. Extraclass is riding on advances in technology to offer top notch learning material at affordable fees.

Extraclass was founded in 2018 as a result of the gap that exist in the education realm. The founders believe that quality education should be accessible to all people despite varying income levels.

We offer Primary and Secondary lessons for Zimsec students , Primary and Secondary lessons for CAPS, Secondary lessons for CAMBRIDGE and selected undergraduate and postgraduate level UNISA lessons. With our flexible way of lesson, you can study from any place in the world and anytime. Our App work on any smart phone.

Looking into the future, Extraclass will be the go-to knowledge center. We will continue to update and improve on our service offering. This will ensure that we give you, our valuable clients the best and we live true to our motto, Inspired To Help You PASS.

To get started, simply register your free account HERE, choose subjects and pay. You will be required to download our learning App after registration.